Ends on August 1, 2017

Please submit all art submissions in a .jpeg, .png, or .pdf file. Each piece must have a title.

You may submit up to FIVE art pieces at one time.  However, each piece MUST BE SUBMITTED IN A SEPARATE SUBMISSION.  This means that, if you're submitting two pieces entitled "Sun" and "Rain," you must submit "Sun," go back to theblueshiftjournal.submittable.com, fill out the form again (title and cover letter), and then submit "Rain."

Please send a cover letter with your submission. The cover letter should include a brief, third person biography, the title of your pieces, and anything else you would like to share with us. This letter cannot be viewed by anyone except for the Editor-in-Chief, so rest assured, your work will still be read blindly.

We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

If four months pass and you do not receive word from us, please email us. Any questions, email theblueshiftjournal@gmail.com, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for your submission!

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