$5.00 USD, $10.00 USD
As The Blueshift Journal is a relatively new magazine, Tip Jar Submissions are a wonderful way for you to help support us! 

You can submit anytime of the year for $3.00, $5.00, or $10.00. Tip Jar Submissions are treated exactly the same as anything submitted during submission period.  However, Tip Jar is a great way for writers and artists to help offset the costs of production.

For Tip Jar, you may submit up to four poetry pieces, two prose pieces, or five art pieces.  Please submit them in separate documents.  

IF YOU ARE HERE TO SUBMIT ADDITIONAL PIECES TO ISSUE 7, please note this in your cover letter.

We look forward to seeing your work, and very much appreciate the donation!

Look through the spyglass and show us a kaleidoscope of moments past. We want your words the ink of a far away home. Ridges of your fingerprint, pottery chinks between your teeth. Who drew the skyline? Light glances between spyglass and pupil. String us up. Delve into the gap between train and platform. We all run parallel in lines so close sometimes we can reach our hands out and touch. Show us the connection in the air between words.

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