$25.00 USD
Welcome to the Feedback Corner!  Send in your writing/art for a second eye, and within 10 days, we will get back to you with constructive comments from two or more of our staff.  

Please submit up to THREE poems (max 7 total pages), TWO prose piece (max 3000 words per story), or FOUR art pieces in the same document per Feedback Corner submission.  

Anything over this, and we will not provide feedback.  Don't waste your money, please.

Note: Feedback Corner submissions are NOT put into consideration for issues. This is a separate category. If you would like your work to be considered for the issue, but would also like feedback on that piece regardless of the decision, please submit through the regular channels AND the Feedback Corner.
Disclaimer: we are not, by ANY means, holy masters of art. If you are going to use this feature, understand that we are sending our subjective thoughts on your work. It is completely up to you what you get from our comments. All we want to do is open this resource to you so that if you wish to utilize what we say, great.  If not, that is entirely your choice.

Any questions, email us at theblueshiftjournal@gmail.com.  All proceeds go towards our goal of paying future contributors.
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