Ends on August 31, 2017

For all Applicants, please read the following:

-- You may apply to only one position, unless you receive special permission from the Managing Editor that you may apply to more than one position (blueshiftquestions@gmail.com). 

-- Applications are due at 11:59 pm on August 31.

-- By applying to our staff, you understand that if you are selected, as long as you are a part of our staff, you shall not be able to publish with us (aside from blog posts, of course).

-- Please submit your application in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.

-- We may conduct interviews with applicants to gain a better understanding of their scope and ability at a later period in time.

-- All jobs are re-offered to staff members for subsequent issues, unless extenuating circumstances arise during an issue’s reading period.

-- All staff members, including members of the editorial board, can be fired or demoted at any time if other members of the editorial board believe he/she is not fulfilling his/her role to the utmost.

--  All positions are currently volunteer, non-paid.


-- Before applying to The Blueshift Journal, familiarize yourself with our mission and our journal (theblueshiftjournal.com).  Please find descriptions of available positions below:

--  "We aim to disintegrate and recapture the dangerous politics of the workshop space. We emphasize the visibility of writers who are often left on the fringes and firmly believe that all voices should be prioritized equally within the workshop space, not just those that are the loudest or most vocal. Our mentors serve as role models to their students not just in the writing world, but in other aspects of life as well. Through conversation and collaboration with existing and crucial work in the community, we hope to offer a safe haven of like-minded individuals where students can grow as writers, persons, and more."

--- All applicants should have general administrative experience.


Speakeasy Web Design (3)

Applicants must be familiar with web design. They will be responsible for designing a new platform for Speakeasy, updating the website every cycle, and designing and publishing anthologies.  


Speakeasy Secretary (2)

Applicants must have administrative experience. Secretaries will be expected to catalogue information during workshops, create GDrive folders and GSuites, send out blast emails during the program, and handles scheduling. They will respond directly to the Program Director.


Speakeasy Business Manager (1)

The Business Manager will initiate contact with mentors and negotiate contracts, while maintaining an overall budget and profits for Speakeasy. Experience in business and finances is highly preferred. 


Speakeasy Assistant Program Director (1)

General administrative experience is highly preferred. Will respond directly to the Program Director. The Assistant Program Director will select students from applications, oversee secretaries, and act in the Program Director's capacity for all matters during the program.


DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES OR ISSUES TO thespeakeasyproject.staff@gmail.com.
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